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Residential real estate has not said its last word! New asset classes are flourishing around the world. And attractive yields are attracting large numbers of institutional investors to assets like logistics and data centers.

Faced with this flood of new asset classes, residential real estate has shown great ingenuity in reinventing itself to meet the new needs of the population. And it’s attracting renewed interest from many institutional real estate players. New subcategories like student housing and senior housing have emerged in the asset class.

Countries around the world are driving change to meet the new demands and needs of their populations. They’re developing social housing or adapting their legislation to the new ways of living and the boom in furnished tourist rentals.

We look into all these topics in the latest issue of DLA Piper’s Real Estate Gazette. We bring you opinions and analysis from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.