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Mark Briggs

Senior Associate

Mark Briggs has extensive experience advising employers, contractors and other interested parties on complex construction and engineering disputes in arbitration, litigation, adjudication, mediation and other forms of ADR.

Mark has worked for clients across multiple sectors (including energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, aerospace, healthcare and commercial property) in relation to a wide variety of contentious issues that have arisen on high value projects around the world.

He has developed a range of technical and sector specific experience including in relation to defects, delay, design liability, payment and termination. That knowledge allows him to understand complex matters quickly, scrutinize expert evidence and achieve excellent results for his clients.

Mark was seconded to Wood plc from January to March 2020 as legal advisor, advising on contentious and non-contentious matters arising across Wood’s EMEA business.


  • Advising a Fortune 50 multinational energy corporation, as employer, defending an UNCITRAL arbitration seated in London in February 2019 arising out of the construction of an LNG facility in Western Australia. The contractor made delay and loss and expense claims against the client for AUD120 million.
  • Advising a Norwegian offshore oil drilling company, in 2019 in relation to a dispute with its employer, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, regarding termination rights under their contract.
  • Advising a large US energy company, as contractor, in relation to the construction of a USD43 million waste to energy power facility in Germany.
  • Advising a UK listed multinational, as contractor, in relation to a GBP7 million power transmission project in Scotland.
  • Advising a Japanese conglomerate, as contractor, pursuing a SIAC arbitration seated in Singapore in January 2018 against the Vietnamese employer, in relation to the construction of a pulp paper plant in Vietnam.
  • Advising a British multinational consumer goods company, defending a claim in 2019 from the contractor building its GBP100 million UK research and development facility.
  • Advising an off-shore UK utility company, in relation to a GBP3 million claim regarding defective parts supplied to it and installed throughout its network.
  • Advising a French multinational contractor, as sub-contractor, on a high profile transport project in Saudi Arabia. Mark, working alongside a partner, advised the client in 2016 regarding its contractual and non-contractual options for resolving its USD10 million claim for non-payment, including strategy for achieving a commercial settlement.
  • Advising a UK water authority, in relation to the construction of a sewage treatment works in the UK.
  • Advising a leading US defense contractor, relating to a dispute regarding software licensing that arose in the construction of a military flight simulator.