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18 March 20243 minute read

Global Perspectives on Class Actions

Class action and collective redress litigation is being filed with increased frequency around the world. The current landscape has allowed plaintiffs to file class action litigation more easily than ever before in response to a range of emerging issues, including environment, social, and governance (ESG), privacy and data security, pharmaceutical and medical devices, and more. Addressing these progressively complex claims requires an integrated and global strategy to mitigate potential risks to your business operations.

Our class action leaders based around the globe share their perspectives on developing cross-border issues, the impact these issues may have on your business, and how you can apply global strategies to minimize risks.

See the video highlights sharing their perspectives.

Why is a global class action practice important to clients?
What issues are you seeing in class action litigation?
How is ESG litigation evolving?
What developments are happening in consumer class action litigation?