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3 August 20221 minute read

#DeRisk Newsletter August 2022

Our insurance team in Italy introduces #DeRisk, the product of years of field experience combined with our insight into the latest trends in risk management.

#DeRisk – Contents

  • Bruno Giuffrè, Angelo Borselli, Alessandra Plocco – Governance Principles on Artificial Intelligence in Insurance
  • Marco Dimola – The “Project Insurance” commenced by the Italian Supreme Court
  • David Maria Marino, Valentina Grande – First EIOPA report on the implementation of Insurance Distribution Directive 2016/97
  • Giulio Coraggio, Giorgia Carneri – Banks are data processors in the distribution of insurance policies in Italy
  • Antonio Longo, Angela Dulcetti – Tax Aspects of the Key Man insurance policies - how insurance tools can ensure business continuity
  • David Maria Marino, Valentina Grande – The Supreme Court's revision on ligation management clauses in insurance contracts – The decision no. 21220/2022 of 5 July 2022
  • Nicola Naccari – The draft reform of alternative dispute resolution instruments
  • Chiara Cimarelli, Ina Doci – Legal and regulatory updates
  • Angelo Borselli, Giorgio Baronchelli, Elisa Cuccurullo, Leomarino Daniele Moro, Alessandra Plocco – Case law updates
  • Authors