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15 August 20236 minute read

Cross-border employment mobility and corporate restructuring strategies in China (Session 8)

Tuesday, August 15, 2023 

If you were unable to join us, we invite you to watch the recording here.

This was session 8 in our China Inbound Investment CLE and CPE series in which Peng Tao, a partner whose practice focuses on China tax and corporate law, and Johnny Choi, head of China employment based in Hong Kong, examined China tax, corporate and employment considerations in the context of cross-border assignment of employees and restructuring of operations in China.

Our speakers covered the following topics:

1.  Assigning expats to work in China

  • Options available (secondment, local hire or dual employment)
  • Pros and cons at the corporate level vs. employee level
  • Issues to watch for (time in and out of China; visa; salary split and reimbursement; tax equalization; documentation and implementation)

2.  Restructuring China operations

  • Intragroup reorganization (direct vs. indirect transfer; treaty benefits)
  • Exit from China (asset vs. share or hybrid; liquidation and deregistration; mass layoff vs. termination upon mutual consent; dispute resolutions)

About the China Inbound Investment CLE and CPE webinar series

Peng Tao inaugurated the China Inbound Investment series to share his more than 20 years of experience helping US businesses incorporate and operate subsidiaries in China. With its huge market and competitive manufacturing and supply chain capability, China is a top-rated destination for US investors, who know that they must contend with an ever-evolving inbound investment regime and practice.

We encourage you to join Peng for the entire series for a comprehensive understanding of China inbound investment, and you are welcome to select individual sessions based on your needs.

Upcoming sessions in the webinar series

  • Commonly available tax incentives

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