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#PracticalGlobalPrivacy: Navigating data complexities

How data compliance programmes and data are shaping business models

Personal information is an increasingly valuable business asset but also a risky one. With increasing enforcement action by regulators, including record breaking fines, and a rise in both complaints and data breach incidents, businesses can struggle to comply with complex and developing data protection laws across global markets.

We would, therefore, like to invite you to join our Navigating Data Complexities webinar series, in which we explore how your business can manage data compliance in an evolving, global data protection landscape. 

This programme is of interest to senior decision makers in Privacy, Data and Compliance, and all specialists responsible for developing compliance programmes across global markets.

For more information please contact Magdalena Zmorka.

Webinar recordings

Data transfer tool


Global data transfer methodology

Transfer has been developed to streamline the process of carrying out TIAs, providing a clear step-by-step methodology so data exporters and importers can assess problematic laws and practices in “third countries”, the level of safeguards in place and the severity and likelihood of harm as a result of public authority access.

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