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15 January 20241 minute read

Middle East Arbitration Guides

Welcome to our Guide to Arbitration in the Middle East.

In the last decade, the Middle East has seen both domestic and regional developments in arbitration that are reflective of international best practice. Many States have introduced new Arbitration laws, based on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, a model already used by many other countries throughout the world. In addition, the regional arbitral institutions in the region have been at the forefront of many of these developments, with many revising their rules to reflect both innovation and reform. As a result, the Middle East now offers not only various options for arbitration friendly seats, but also various institutional options that can administer the resolution of international and domestic disputes.

In the various Country Guides, we provide an overview and copy of the legislative framework applicable in each State, key recent developments and a comparison of the rules of the leading regional arbitral institutions in order to assist clients in choosing the correct forum and seat for any future disputes, as well as providing guidance on how to manage existing disputes.