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Streamlining your operations for excellence

Every business wants to do better and be better, but sometimes processes that once were optimal no longer meet your needs. It can often feel unwieldy and difficult to change these processes. Using our Operational Excellence team can help you to redesign your processes, implement your business improvement projects and give tangible, positive impact for your business. 

What is our Operational Excellence team?

Working with our Operational Excellence team you can begin streamlining processes and delivering greater value services at the right pricing point for your business. You'll be supported in change management, process standardization, solution design and implementation, tech integration and more. They'll even offer you their knowledge and knowhow by delivering tailored workshops for your business. 

The team facilitate and implement your large-scale business improvement projects. Their work includes: 

  • Internal process efficiency: streamlining projects to deliver change effectively
  • MI and reporting: understanding how your business is performing
  • Digital workers: Automated extra help to speed up certain tasks
  • Bespoke tools: for example, our trademark cost calculator – a web-based calculator that automatically and instantly generates a quote document using information from our firm and its agents

“DLA Piper has come up with a solution that allows its staff and clients to hand over manual and repetitive tasks. Its Robotic Process Automation software has transformed how the firm does business and improved internal and external efficiency.”

International Law Firm Innovation Award 2022

For digital workers solution

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What are the benefits of the Operational Excellence team?

Your projects are yours. We're here to help you build solutions that work for you.

Whether the focus is on streamlining due diligence in M&A, or improving your internal management information, we look for opportunities to combine people, process and technology from across our firm to create relevant, timely solutions that improve how you do business.

Case studies

Multiple solutions built for an engaged client

End-to-end improvement of a global bank’s internal MI reporting process across their 17 panel firms
Our client wanted to deliver an improvement project in the bank aimed at increasing the quality of financial data it received from its panel of 17 law firms. By understanding what the client valued, the financial reporting could be simplified and standardized.  This reduced confusion within the panel firms and provided them with the quality data they required to audit and track the panel firms against contractual obligations. 

Process maps and guidance notes for the global bank to enable common queries to be offshored
The same client requested support to offshore common legal queries to their legal team in Bangalore. The Process Improvement team supported with the disaggregation and documentation of four bank workstreams, which we then offshored to its delivery center. Our team worked together to create these guides and standard processes, which enabled the client to produce advice in a more efficient way internally to their legal department

IPT portal
One of the key requirements of the client was to create a single source of truth for the IPT service provided by us. We designed, developed and delivered a dedicated legal IP portal, including MI/reporting functionalities and management of licenses, sub-licenses and other volume work as part of the contract. It centralized billing information, IP matter management details. Behind the scenes, it links to the Elite finance system. And our RPA technology is used to compile the data from/to our CPI trademark platform. The team have also used automation to upload the trademarks to CPI.

Real estate clients benefit from tools such as machine-assisted contract analysis, document automation software and data analytics. By combining several of these technologies, we developed a bespoke platform for our real estate clients. This transaction automation platform will offer you a more efficient service. More time is spent on detailed legal intricacies rather than repetitive manual tasks, and you can conclude deals more rapidly and with reduced pressure.

The platform is a secure online portal where you can view and manage each step of a standard transaction (such as a lease) and all of the legal elements of your deal in one place. The dedicated dashboard will show you where their matter stands and what needs to be done, giving you ultimate transparency and a central source of truth.

An FMCG company and one of the world's largest holders of trademarks experienced difficulties managing license terms across their multiple product lines and geographies. This created challenges when trying to manage legal issues. 

Working hand-in-hand with the client and DLA Piper's IPT lawyers, the operational excellence team created a comprehensive solution encompassing AI and workflow technology and cheaper resourcing from DLA Pipers Legal Delivery Centre. The newly designed process helped our paralegals and lawyers review over 65 licensing agreements, extracting key summaries using AI and then displaying key content in a dynamic client portal. The end result was a one-stop-shop for licenses that is a master repository of searchable content and a database for the client’s global licensing managers, and analytics platform for legal counsel.