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Our lawyers support your multi-jurisdictional and complex structured finance and securitization transactions worldwide. We advise a wide range of market participants – from global banks, digital platforms and exchanges to specialist finance providers, alternative lenders and first-time issuers. We have extensive experience with issuers looking to securitize unusual assets or use non-traditional structures, where we’re known for market firsts.

Our lawyers focus on your domestic and cross-border structured finance and securitization products across asset classes internationally – auto, collateralized loan obligations, consumer loans, credit cards, student loans, trade receivables, SME and whole business securitizations, and more.
We understand local laws, international structures and market regulations and know what investors, rating agencies and others in the markets expect.

“Key strengths are the ability to understand the commercial mindset and find solutions that work for the business while still focusing on important legal points.”

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Based throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, we support your transactions worldwide. Many of our 700+ finance lawyers practice in the structured finance and securitization market. With decades of experience, we’re problem-solvers known for innovative structured debt products and market firsts, including being at the forefront of digital assets and tokenization.

We make sure you receive integrated advice on your entire transaction. This includes from our leading corporate, regulatory and tax teams, and our real estate, litigation, bankruptcy, IP licensing, franchising, insurance and renewable energy lawyers around the globe.

Awards and recognition


  • A German Investment firm, as investor, in the context of Italian securitisation transactions of receivables from both public and private entities, related to energy efficiency projects in Italy. 
  • A leader in point-of-sale unsecured consumer loans in connection with more than 10 issuances of asset-backed notes, totaling over USD3 billion. This included the company’s first asset-backed securitization, which marked the first asset-backed securitization by a FinTech point-of-sale lender. 
  • A Polish financial institution as originator on its securitisation of a revolving pool of consumer loan receivables as part of a transaction that was structured to achieve capital relief. The transaction involved the issuance by way of private placement of three classes of PLN-denominated notes, having an aggregate notional in excess of PLN1.3 million by a Polish SPV. 
  • An artificial intelligence-based car financing company as a first-time issuer in the issuance of two classes of notes totaling USD204.34 million, collateralized by a pool of retail automobile contracts made to obligors and secured by new and used automobiles, light duty trucks, and vans, and in the subsequent issuance of additional notes. 
  • An international investment fund in a real estate securitization transaction – pursuant to Article 7.2 of the Italian securitization law – concerning the purchase of several real estate assets by the relevant SPV. 
  • Ares Management as the collateral manager and Ares European Loan Funding II Limited as originator on the issue by Ares European CLO XV DAC of EUR480 million of floating rate notes due 2036 and EUR44.8 million Subordinated Notes due 2036 backed by a portfolio of Senior Obligations, Mezzanine Obligations and High Yield Bonds. 
  • Deutsche Bank as arranger, investor and repo purchaser in the award-winning securitization deal, Project Zeus, relating to performing and non-performing loans in respect of accounts owing by customers to the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC). This deal won the GlobalCapital European Securitization Awards 2022 “Private Securitisation Deal of the Year” award. 
  • Dignity Finance PLC on its whole business securitisation involving the issue by Dignity Finance Plc of GBP356.4 million Class B secured notes due 2049. 
  • In the last three years, we have priced and closed over 150 CLO transactions, valued at more than USD65 billion.  
  • Santander Consumer Bank in Austria on its first Austrian publicly listed and rated securitisation, representing one of the largest transactions to have been closed in the Austrian market. 
  • Specialty financial services and technology company, in its issuance of Series 2022-1 and 2022-2 asset-backed notes totalling USD260 million, secured by a revolving portfolio of receivables.  
  • The Co-operative Bank P.L.C. on IBOR transition and related amendments in relation to its derivatives portfolio across approximately 40 connections. 
  • The investment arm of a major retail and commercial bank as swap counterparty in providing a balance guaranteed swap to Dutch Property Finance 2018-1 B.V. over its Automated Treasury Solutions platform as part of a EUR400 million public Dutch RMBS transaction rated DBRS and S&P. 
  • The issuer and Banca Akros, as arranger, in a securitisation transaction of claims arising from a portfolio of mortgage loans originated by Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra for a nominal value exceeding EUR260 million. The Class A notes were rated by Moody’s (AAA), listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and qualified as eligible assets to be used as collateral for Eurosystem liquidity-providing operations. 


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