18 January 20238 minute read

DLA Piper GDPR fines and data breach survey 2023 - webinar

18 January 2023, 2pm - 3pm GMT

We are delighted to invite you to the launch webinar for DLA Piper’s Annual GDPR Fines and Data Breach Survey 2023.

This year has continued to see increasingly high fines imposed by data protection supervisory authorities, fuelled in part by the inflationary pressure of the European Data Protection Board which has significantly increased fines referred to it under the GDPR cooperation and consistency mechanism. Ad-tech and behavioural advertising were also a top enforcement priority this year, with the Meta group on the receiving end of some of the very largest fines issued by the Irish Data Protection Commission. The DPC fines have the potential to be every bit as profound for the “grand bargain” between internet service providers and consumers that has funded the “free” internet as Schrems II has been for international data transfers. There have also been a number of notable formal decisions issued in relation to the various investigations into international data transfers arising out of the Schrems II judgment of Europe’s highest court, as well as some notable decisions this year in relation to the use of personal data in AI systems.

In this fifth edition of DLA Piper's annual GDPR Fines and Data Breach Survey, we consider the emerging trends in enforcement and sanctions as well as reporting on personal data breach notifications across the 31 countries surveyed.

Please join our live webinar launch of the report when IPT partners Ross McKean, Ewa Kurowska-Tober and Counsel, Heidi Waem will discuss the key findings, emerging enforcement trends and answer questions on this latest report.