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23 October 20242 minute read

Product Liability Symposium

Wednesday, October 23, 2024

Our innovative, diverse product liability and class action team members share their perspectives on how we combat these issues and the strategies they leverage on behalf of clients to minimize risks to their business and deliver solutions. See the video highlights sharing their perspectives.

To learn more about our team and the increasingly complex issues in the product liability and class action space, register to join us at our Philadelphia office for the third annual Product Liability Symposium, hosted by DLA Piper’s Product Liability Diversity & Inclusion Committee.


12:00 pm – Registration and lunch

1:00 pm – Introductory remarks

  • Angela Agrusa and Chris Campbell

1:10 pm – Navigating the Global Landscape of Product Liability Litigation and Class Action Claims

  • Sarah Carrier
  • Matt Goldberg
  • Scott Murray
  • Raquel Frisardi (Novo Nordisk)

2:00 pm – Quick Hit: From Class Actions to Mass Claims: Exploring the Mass Arbitration Phenomenon

  • Marie Bussey-Garza

2:10 pm – Exploring the Ripple Effects of the 2024 Election

  • Simeon Poles
  • Senator Richard Burr
  • Megan Ortiz (Cohen Group)
  • Ilana Eisenstein
  • Governor James Blanchard
  • Congressman Charlie Dent

3:00 pm – Quick Hit: Pulling the Curtain Back on Third-Party Funding

  • Andrew Andrzejewski

3:10 pm – Break

3:25 pm – Quick Hit: Redefining Products in the Digital Age: Software and Social Media Liability Risks

  • Kelsey Taveres

3:35 pm – Understanding Verdict Inflation for Product Liability Defense Strategies

  • Rachel Horton
  • Buffy Mims
  • Connie Matteo (Pfizer)
  • Rob Hoffman
  • Jed Winer (BASF)
  • Melissa Gomez (IMS Legal Strategies)

4:25 pm – Quick Hit: Cracking the Code of Neurological Causation in Product Liability Litigation

  • Chris Gismondi

4:35 pm – Inclusive Innovation: Integrating Diversity into Product Development

  • Alex Giraldo
  • Sam Tyner-Monroe, Ph.D
  • Jarred Reiling
  • Kirsten Axelsen

5:30 pm – Cocktail reception

7:00 pm – Dinner


Raquel Frisardi

Senior Corporate Counsel at Novo Nordisk
Speaker bio

Megan Ortiz

President at The Cohen Group
Speaker bio

Connie Matteo

Assistant General Counsel at Pfizer
Speaker bio

Jed Winer

Assistant General Counsel at BASF
Speaker bio

Melissa Gomez

Senior Jury Consultant Advisor at IMS Legal Strategies
Speaker bio

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