6 June 20231 minute read

Artificial Intelligence and Law

When, in 2006, the English mathematician Clive Humby coined the famous slogan “data is the new oil,” which has proven to be increasingly true over time, perhaps it was not yet anticipated that this “oil” would be one of the essential propellants for the development of one of the most fascinating and potentially revolutionary technologies of our time: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Although still a young technology in many respects, AI is already transforming the sectors in which it is applied, from manufacturing to medicine, from marketing to finance, from chemistry to e-commerce, thanks to its ability to learn and analyze complex data. AI-based technologies are expected to play an increasingly decisive role in these sectors.

In this publication, we will guide you through the main legal challenges and issues raised by AI, also from a comparative perspective. We’ll address topics such as the relationship between AI and copyright, trademarks, and patents. We’ll discuss implications related to the protection of personal data, as well as contractual aspects and liability regimes. And we’ll delve into the peculiarities of this technology in specific industries such as Food and Beverage, Fintech, Gambling, Life Sciences, and Fashion.