4 March 20243 minute read

DLA Piper announces founding sponsorship of the United Nations' AI for Good Law Track

DLA Piper is proud to be the founding law firm of the United Nations’ AI for Good Law Track, aimed at using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through the areas of law and policy. To support the Law Track, DLA Piper is forming the AI Law and Justice Institute.

AI for Good, in partnership with 40 United Nations sister agencies, is the leading action-oriented, global and inclusive platform on AI. The organization consists of a broad network of interdisciplinary researchers, nonprofits, governments, and corporations that identify and scale solutions for positive change.

“The AI Law and Justice Institute will convene civil society, government, and industry thought leaders on ways to use AI to positively impact law and policy and build fair and sustainable legal systems of the future,” said Danny Tobey, chair of DLA Piper’s AI & Data Analytics Practice.

“By focusing on foundational legal tools to conquer fundamental challenges cutting across AI sectors and emerging ecosystems, the Institute will help make AI ready for the world, and the world ready for AI,” added John Samuel Gibson, co-chair of DLA Piper’s US Business and Commercial Litigation Practice and chair of the UN’s AI for Good Law Track.

The upcoming AI for Good Global Summit, slated for May 30-31 in Geneva, will showcase innovations in generative AI, robotics, and brain-machine interfaces that can accelerate progress in areas such as climate action, accessibility, health, and disaster response.

Tobey joins mainstage summit speakers that include some of the world's foremost AI luminaries, each exploring the latest breakthroughs in AI and examining ways to ensure AI works to humanity's benefit. The founding of the AI for Good Law Track and the supporting AI Law and Justice Institute will be formally announced at the global summit, along with the unveiling of select charter members of the Institute.

In addition, Gibson will be one of the Global AI Governance Day speakers on May 29 in Geneva, exploring potential frameworks and guardrails to support safe and responsible AI development.

AI Law and Justice Institute events this year will include a seminal conference in collaboration with Stanford Law School that brings together AI thought leaders from both industry and academia.

DLA Piper’s global Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Practice is an industry unique team that consists of over 100 lawyers, data scientists, coders, and policymakers focused on AI worldwide. The group has been widely recognized as the leading AI law practice, lauded by Financial Times, American Lawyer, Business Insider and others.