Georg Lett deals especially with litigation and arbitration as well as the law of damages, insurance law and EU law. A key focus area is Georg's extensive assistance to the insurance and finance industries and, in addition to conducting lawsuits before the Danish courts, he also appears before arbitration tribunals as well as the European Court of Justice.

Moreover, he provides advice on all aspects of corporate and regulatory investigations and acted for clients in cases such as the Faroe Bank case, the Feta case, cases relating to the purchase of companies for tax evasion purposes and the high-profile Thorsen case on fraud and forgery.

Georg is involved in the wave of lawsuits and disputes on coverage seen in the wake of the financial crisis. Most recently, he was involved in cases before the Danish Financial Council and against the Danish Consumer Ombudsman on disputes relating to the basis for pension schemes, product liability for pharmaceutical injury, airplane damage and insurance policies.

Georg Lett is the Danish member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and also acts as an arbitrator.