Key issues

Whether organizing, delivering or financing health care; seeking new treatments, offering new tools or distributing knowledge, the various stakeholders involved in health care and life sciences are faced with major challenges.

These are multiple in nature, including public health issues, especially the development of chronic diseases, issues of health care quality, transparency and health democracy. Health system efficiency is important in the context of increased health expenses and chronic deficit of company accounts; innovation and increased issues can be seen in areas as diverse and important as personal medicine and information technologies.

Key to successful development is the ability to adapt to the constantly changing situation, along with the choices made regarding organizational and business models.

How DLA Piper can help

Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers can advise and support you through the development of your projects.

  • Compliance and understanding of the complex legal framework of the health sector:
    • Health care and social security law
    • Personal data protection law and intellectual property law
    • Knowledge of institutional environment
    • Support of institutions
    • Medical research: clinical trials and epidemiological studies
    • Authorization of market placing and CE marking
    • Drug prices fixation and reimbursement
    • Patent development
    • Monitoring of class actions
  • Organizing, financing and delivering projects:
    • Assistance in project design
    • Support in securing the legal and technical environment
    • Privacy by design
    • Respect of public procurement rules and competition law
    • Support in context of a distribution network implementation
    • Support in drafting of various types of contracts
    • Any e-health project: telemedicine, deployment of information systems, compliance with standards and process data hosting,
    • Support in communication on health products for professionals and for consumers
  • Monitoring and operations management:
    • Organization of individual and collective labor relations
    • Possible restructuring
  • Maintaining and defending intellectual property investments:
    • Protecting your trademarks and patents and defining life cycle of your products
    • R&D investment management
    • Fighting against counterfeiting
    • Fighting against unfair competition and parasitism
    • Presence on social networks
    • Data protection
  • Dispute management:
    • Responsibility for products
    • Medical liability
    • Hospital responsibility
    • Commercial litigation
    • Class action
    • Criminal business law
    • Public law litigation
    • Validity and product counterfeiting
    • Consumer law litigation
    • Assistance to competition investigations
    • Anti-competitive practices litigation

Our team

DLA Piper has formed a dedicated team in France that brings together a wide range of competencies and includes lawyers, doctors as well as legal professors, working in collaboration with DLA Piper offices worldwide.