A smooth reorganization, restructuring, outsourcing or reduction in force hinges on early identification of a clear people strategy, a sensible understanding of how that strategy affects the commercial aspects of the change proposal and the development of a systematic approach to implementation.

When business change occurs, it is essential to avoid problems and start benefiting from the change as quickly as possible. We help clients achieve this by understanding the issues involved early on, developing effective plans to deal with these issues and executing the plans in a methodical yet flexible and cost-effective way based on our experience across a variety of industries and sectors. Our approach seeks to align the complex people risks inherent in many processes with the key commercial drivers for those processes. To our mind, a successful change process takes place on time, on budget and with minimal disruption from a people perspective. We help our clients to achieve all three things.

We have helped clients through processes involving major international re-alignments, complex outsourcing and insourcing arrangements and pre and post-merger/acquisition integrations. We have a flexible approach, providing teams or single points of contact appropriate to the deal. Our aim is to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the challenges they face, a sensible assessment of the commercial impact of those challenges and expert assistance in navigating through them.

Working closely with our international colleagues we have assisted clients in complex cross-border outsourcing deals, often bringing together people transfer issues across countries where the approach to the automatic transfer of people differs significantly. We have considerable experience in providing both employment and pensions assistance on such transfers, including drafting social plans, people transfer arrangements (automatic and otherwise), advising on works council and union negotiations and implementing post-merger reorganizations.