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29 March 20211 minute read

Representing individuals in interviews – the US perspective

Read an excerpt from the newly published <em>Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations</em>

How is an investigation conducted?  What factors should lawyers keep in mind at each step along the way?  The latest edition of The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations (Law Business Research: 2021) comprehensively addresses the processes and issues that may arise in the course of cross-border, multifaceted corporate investigations. 

The Guide takes a unique comparative approach, setting out information about the conduct of investigations in the US and the UK side by side and offering primers on activity in other regions around the world.  At a time when the pandemic seems to have engendered more, not fewer, legal issues, it is being regarded as a valuable tool.

The latest edition of this guide, written by leading practitioners for legal and financial professionals managing cross-border investigations, is now available. 

We are pleased to announce that The Practitioner’s Guide includes a chapter by DLA Piper partners John M. Hillebrecht, Lisa Tenorio-Kutzkey and Eric Christofferson, “Representing Individuals in Interviews: the US Perspective.” When representing individuals in investigations, determining whether to consent to an interview, and any interview itself, can be pivotal. The chapter explores potential pitfalls in the interview process and suggests certain best practices.

Download the chapter below.