Federica Bocci is an International arbitration specialist with significant expertise in complex international arbitrations and multi-jurisdictional State Court disputes, representing and assisting clients across a range of sectors including sports sponsorship, energy, construction and infrastructure, real estate and IPT.

Although trained and qualified in a civil law system, Federica's expertise in international arbitration paired with the attendance of specialists courses from the Chartered Institute of International Arbitration (CiARB), has contributed to develop her approach and advocacy skills also to efficiently assist clients from common law backgrounds. She represents clients in ad hoc arbitrations and arbitrations under the ICC, UNCITRAL, VIAC and the Milan Chamber of Arbitration rules, seated in different jurisdictions and subject to Italian and/or foreign laws.

She has seated as arbitrator appointed by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration in a domestic corporate arbitration.

In her body of a strong litigator hides a mediator's soul: in fact, Federica's training as a professional mediator at the European Court of Arbitration, Italian Chapter, also enhanced her capacity to support clients in settling the dispute before resorting the matter to any of the available dispute resolution mechanisms. She is particularly experienced in creating successful strategies for the management of complex disputes. Her attention to details and meticulous approach are her assets so that no possible solution of the dispute is left unexplored, prior to entering into a dispute resolution mechanism.

Federica regularly speaks and writes about international arbitration. As of June 2021, Federica is Chair of Committee Conferences and Events of R.E.A.L. – Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers.