Morena Pirollo has a relevant expertise in insolvency matters. She regularly advises both Italian and international clients on a wide range of restructuring matters.She regularly deals with bankruptcy proceedings and, more generally, with crisis resolution, assisting both Italian and foreign creditors and distressed corporate entities.

Morena is regularly called upon to identify, design and implement the most suitable strategies and judicial and extra-judicial restructuring remedies. She has significant experience in assisting clients in achieving debt refinancing and reorganization, including the implementation of out-of-court restructuring plans pursuant to Article 67of the Italian Bankruptcy Law (piani di risanamento attestati); debt restructuring agreements with creditors (accordi di ristrutturazione dei debiti); out of court arrangements with creditors (convenzioni di moratoria); and composition with creditors (concordati preventivi).

In litigation, she provides assistance in ordinary and bankruptcy claw-back proceedings; in pre-bankruptcy proceedings and in challenging bankruptcy declarations; in proceedings pursuant to both the approval and opposition to approval of debt restructuring agreements with creditors under Article 182-bis of the Italian Bankruptcy Law; and of composition with creditors, in filing proof of claim petitions and, more generally, in domestic and cross-border insolvency proceedings.

She also possesses extensive experience in civil and corporate litigation, particularly concerning directors and auditors liability disputes, also in connection with fraudulent bankruptcy, fraudulent trading and other corporate and bankruptcy crimes.