Our multi-disciplinary knowledge and global experience in designing and implementing efficient, cost-effective reorganizations ensures businesses can optimize their response to regulatory change.

Responding to regulatory change

Remaining alert to impending and actual legislative and regulatory change is an increasingly critical part of any business. Firms that have the ability to effectively manage – or even embrace – the impact of regulation can gain a competitive advantage.

As legislators and regulators respond to new technologies, economic crises and the need to protect consumers and the environment, there is a need for large international corporations to review their corporate structure and consider whether it adequately meets the requirements imposed by regulatory change, while also providing the most effective means for achieving current and future commercial plans.

Previous best practice may not satisfy new requirements and may cause ongoing compliance to be less cost effective and efficient. Dependent on the nature of change, co-mingling of functions or assets, the location of key operations or assets and overall governance structures may all come under scrutiny and need to be reviewed and reorganized.

Unlocking benefits

Companies that have effective regulatory compliance strategies in place are in a position to mitigate compliance related risks while maintaining an efficient business model that achieves commercial objectives. Drawing on the resources and know-how of dedicated project managers, our cross-border, multi-disciplinary reorganization team helps identify the most appropriate business model through which to optimize and execute the overall compliant business model.

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