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15 March 20232 minute read

DLA Piper to utilize CoCounsel, the groundbreaking AI legal assistant powered by OpenAI Technology

DLA Piper has announced it will utilize CoCounsel, a first-of-its-kind AI legal assistant powered by GPT-4, the latest, most advanced large language model from OpenAI. It was created to enhance the quality and timeliness of services lawyers provide.

In building CoCounsel, Casetext has coupled the technological power of OpenAI’s most advanced model with its legal databases and search system, Parallel Search. As a result, CoCounsel is able to quickly and accurately perform substantive tasks such as legal research, document review, deposition preparation, and contract analysis, while keeping data private and secure.

To tailor general AI technology for the demands of legal practice, Casetext ran every legal skill on the platform through thousands of internal tests and has spent nearly 4,000 hours training and fine-tuning CoCounsel’s output based on more than 30,000 legal questions.

“DLA Piper is committed to positively impacting its clients,” said Bennett Borden, Chief Data Scientist of the firm’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Practice. “With CoCounsel, our attorneys will be able to enhance their services and create more agile and focused workflows by leveraging advanced purpose-built, AI technologies.”

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