Our global public and administrative law team advises a broad range of public and private sector clients in a variety of jurisdictions on a variety of matters arising from the development, passage, content, interpretation and application of laws and regulations.

Across the world, we use our jurisdiction specific legal knowledge of government and the public sector to advise on the full range of dispute resolution and investigative processes, including judicial review, public inquiries, statutory appeals and tribunal processes, at the national and international levels. Additionally, the team advises on non-contentious public law matters including in respect of legislative drafting, governance, freedom of information, and defensible public sector decision-making. The breadth and capacity of the firm's public and administrative law team is therefore unparalleled, and it is for this reason that we are the advisor of first choice for a large number of high profile central and local government matters as well as for corporates (particularly those operating in regulated sectors, such as those operating in the transport and healthcare sectors) interacting with government and governmental decision-making processes.

Public and administrative law touches all business activities which are in any way subject to statutory control or regulation. It not only affects businesses which deal directly with government by engaging in major projects, but also any business or business sector whose scope may be limited or rendered less competitive as a result of new legislation or direct or indirect governmental intervention. This can cover such areas as freedom of information, planning and environment law, taxation, competition, procurement, health and safety, telecommunications, advertising, human rights, professional discipline issues and any other area where businesses come into direct contact with government.

Our Public and Administrative Law team is experienced in providing the highest quality public law advice informed by a detailed knowledge and understanding of government and government processes. We therefore assist those who interact with government, and we advise government itself, in order to improve effective and lawful collaboration between the two.