David R. Knudson represents clients in all areas of intellectual property, with an emphasis on patent litigation. David has experience in patent disputes before major district courts, at the Patent Trials and Appeal Board, and at the International Trade Commission.

Based out of San Diego, David focuses on complex patent technologies and has developed a reputation for defending multinational companies against non-practicing entities. David's strategic thinking and negotiation skills have resulted in many walkaway and/or low-dollar settlements with NPEs. David’s extensive case management experience enables him to efficiently handle suits no matter how complex.

David has helped try over a dozen cases in the last ten years, including nine in district court and four in the ITC. Recently he has helped defend Samsung and a multinational technology company in trials in the Eastern District of Texas and has represented Microsoft, HP Inc., Lenovo, and Dell in multiple cases across the Western District of Texas and the International Trade Commission. David has been named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers every year since 2015.