The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives. Its impact on education, communication, business and healthcare will continue to grow exponentially, with one report estimating 25 billion connected devices by 2020, with IoT-related spending to reach $263 billion in 2020.

In the context of IoT, everyday objects around us will collect large amounts of data that will be stored in cloud platforms and communicated to other devices and to other parties. Internet of Things projects are wide ranging and may relate to, among other things, smart cities, transport systems, buildings, eHealth and telemedicine, wearable technologies, homes, automobiles, industry and energy.

The wide range of sectors that are reorganizing around IoT projects shows us that the legal support needed by companies active in the IoT sector requires a strong understanding of the technologies involved, coupled with experience in multiple areas of law.

DLA Piper’s Internet of Things team brings together technology and sourcing lawyers as well as data protection, telecom, intellectual property, media, life sciences and commercial law practitioners. The goal of our group is to create a team of lawyers with the experience to advise clients on a broad range of IoT projects – lawyers with the knowledge of IoT issues and best practices that will allow us to tailor advice to clients’ specific needs.

Also, as IoT regulations and rules are still being established, DLA Piper’s IoT team communicates closely with data protection, telecom and consumer protection regulators as well as legislators to push for a regulatory environment that fosters the growth of the IoT. Last but not least, IoT projects – like the data that drives them – are by nature international and are often replicated in several jurisdictions. DLA Piper’s unparalleled global reach enables us to assist clients to navigate this vast, shifting landscape and support the launch of new IoT products worldwide.