DLA Piper prides itself on adhering to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. To nurture those values in the world of a large, multi-office law firm, we established The Marbury Institute in honor of one of DLA Piper's founders, William L. Marbury, Jr. (1901-1988). 

The programs established under The Marbury Institute seek to instill in our lawyers the core values, goals and attributes of DLA Piper; fostering a sense of pride in the rich past, unique role and challenging future of our profession; developing excellent legal skills; solving client problems; communicating in clean language without legalese; and treating opposing lawyers, parties, witnesses, judges and everyone else with whom we come into contact in a professional and civil manner.

The Institute will evolve and change, as every class of new lawyers partakes and leaves its own imprint. But DLA Piper's commitment to the higher values of the profession will be the permanent guiding star of this effort. 

Each month, The Marbury Institute offers a one hour program under one of the following topics: 

  • Academic Links: Law professors make scholarly presentations on subjects of interest to DLA Piper's lawyers.
  • Outside Notables: Guest speakers, including our clients, from the world of business, government and the public interest community present information on issues affecting the legal community and the world.
  • Pro Bono Series: DLA Piper lawyers gain insight into our signature projects and extensive array of pro bono cases.
  • Vacketta-DLA Piper Annual Lecture: In honor of Carl Vacketta, head of our Government Contracts practice and distinguished alumnus of the University of Illinois College of Law, DLA Piper has endowed a lecture series focusing on the evolving role of government.
  • Wise Men and Women Series: Senior lawyers at DLA Piper share wisdom gained through their experiences over the years.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Series: Our attorneys and external presenters provide insight into the importance of working collaboratively to integrate the goals and concepts of diversity and inclusion.

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