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1 February 20242 minute read

The DLA Piper 2023 Year-End Real Estate Trends Report

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Following the global financial crisis, a combination of strong rent growth and historically low interest rates provided the fuel for declining cap rates and robust debt and equity investment activity. The quick drop in interest rates, as well as other governmental action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, helped extend that robust real estate investment activity from late 2020 through early 2022.

However, when inflation reared its head, the Fed adopted an aggressive policy of interest rate increases, hoping to cool the economy enough to control inflation while avoiding a recession. With such a high level of uncertainty and change within the market, we believe that the insights we gain from analyzing the large volume of transactions we handle are especially valuable to our clients.  

As we dug into our year-end numbers and data with the help of our knowledge management team, an interesting trend emerged: Much of the work we did in 2023 was about community – namely, where people live and the goods and services they want close to home.

Here is a closer look at the trends we identified for 2023.

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