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In today's interconnected world, virtually all companies, their suppliers and their customers are potential targets for cyber attacks. The risks associated with such incidents require a robust cybersecurity program in order to manage this fast-changing risk and remain in compliance.

Our global multidisciplinary team of lawyers and operational consultants advise on all issues surrounding cyber security, from building cyber resilience, through to incident response, and post-incident remediation, providing a holistic and tailored client service.

Stage 1: Building Cyber Resilience

Adopt appropriate protective measures in advance


  • Discover vulnerabilities
  • Implementing and incorporating cyber security measures
  • Enforce and execute implemented measures

Our assistance includes ensuring clients have appropriate measures in place to manage cyber risk and respond effectively to a cyber-incident, preserving legal privilege and mitigating potential litigation and reputational risks. This includes bespoke training to relevant tiers of stakeholders, supporting the design of incident response plans and helping to lead "tabletop exercises" so that organizations refine and practice their plan to be able to respond swiftly and efficiently.



Respond effectively when an incident occurs


  • Identify and detect
  • Blocking by invoking relevant measures
  • Respond, remediate and recover

We have mastered our response capabilities by having helped clients through more than 1000 cyber incidents globally. Our advice includes reporting obligations to the relevant supervisory data authorities and other relevant regulators, both civil and criminal. We regularly assist with strategic advice to contain and remediate adverse impacts on businesses, and protecting impact on a brand. We have pre-existing and trusted global relationships with forensic experts to assist with the response to any incident, ensuring swift and seamless instruction on a legally privileged basis, allowing immediate focus on mitigating the root causes of the incident. With a global team we regularly assist large organizations on multi-national compliance and regulatory obligations, ensuring continuity in response.

Stage 3: Post-incident remediation

Mitigate post-incident liabilities and learn lessons


  • Potential liability pitfalls
  • Reframe the attack as an opportunity to learn and develop
  • Optimization of measures in place

We help clients to mitigate the impact of any claims or other liabilities resulting from the incident and to learn from the incident through post incident reviews and gap analyses. Our team includes employment, investigation and seasoned litigation lawyers that advise on a wide spectrum of issues relevant to data incidents, including third party claims and potential class actions; director and officer liability; product / supplier liability; and, where relevant, employee disciplinary action.