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19 April 20232 minute read

Crypto in the Payments Sector: Managing risk in the crypto network

We are pleased to announce our second webinar in our two-part Payments Forum which continues to look at how crypto and digital assets are affecting the global payments sector.

This second virtual session will offer a closer look at the management of crypto network risk by payment service providers and we are bringing together a panel of our international Digital Assets and Payments lawyers (across specialisms including finance, banking, regulatory, technology, disputes and data) to consider the following issues that are relevant to our global payments clients:

Managing risk and obligations in relation to digital assets in payment services?

  • Overview of key KYC and AML obligations in the payment and digital assets sectors;
  • Impact and management of financial crime

What is the current global regulatory landscape and status on digital assets?

  • The current position on MiCA and the approach of EU domiciled jurisdictions;
  • Will HM Treasury in the UK contemplate divergence from the EU?
  • What  is the current state of play throughout the Middle East and into Asia-Pac

Common issues giving rise to disputes

  • What issues are in front of the courts and how do courts in different jurisdictions treat cryptocurrencies and digital assets.