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17 September 20202 minute read

Digital Therapeutics - evolution and entry into mainstream healthcare

Research undertaken by DLA Piper's Life Sciences sector in conjunction with The Lawyer seeks to understand the current developments in the field of digital therapeutics, looking at key questions that need to be addressed if these products are to become mainstream components of health systems across the world.

Some of the key findings from the report included:

  • Product liability, monetisation and commercialisation, data protection, cybersecurity and patent and intellectual property protection were the biggest concerns raised by respondents in the digital therapeutics market.
  • Respondents were split as to which approach (partner, acquire or license) was best-suited to developing digital therapeutics products.
  • Respondents were also split on the best ways to enter the digital therapeutics market between taking their investment in-house or choosing the acquisition route.
  • Cybersecurity was flagged as a key concern by survey respondents.
  • Respondents said the greatest barrier holding back future development in the sector was the concern of how companies would monetise their investment.

To find out more insights on the topic, please download a copy of the report below.

Read the full report here