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19 November 20201 minute read

Telehealth around the world: A global guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused healthcare systems around the globe to rapidly (and often radically) rethink the delivery of medical care. The global expansion of telehealth services is one way we have seen this transformation occur. This has resulted in significant opportunities in the field, as well as unprecedented regulatory change.

The restrictions of movement in many parts of the world due to COVID-19 has caused governments to recognise the potential of telehealth, and amend laws and regulations seemingly overnight to enable healthcare providers to deploy telehealth solutions. Many governments have adopted telehealth reforms in a matter of weeks, which may otherwise have taken years to be considered and introduced.

This Global Comparative Guide provides an overview of the current state of telehealth regulations worldwide and assists readers to identify the opportunities, challenges and risks, on a country-by-country basis. The guide is an easy to use interactive comparison site that simplifies cross-jurisdictional comparison, and you can also download a PDF of the information you require.

Access the Global Telehealth Comparison website.