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27 May 20211 minute read

EU AI Regulation Handbook

On 21 April 2021, the European Commission published its long-awaited proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI Regulation or Regulation). The AI Regulation will have broad reaching implications for the entire supply chain of AISystems and the lifecycle of how these systems are designed, built, and run.

In the wake of constant rule change, whether caused by Brexit, GDPR, or otherwise, all organisations using, supplying, or creating technology will need to understand the implications of the proposed AI Regulation. Businesses throughout the EU will be impacted, but so too anyone who wishes to sell into the single market, as there are broad extra-territorial effects in a manner reminiscent of the GDPR.

In this Handbook we will help you navigate the new AI Regulation by placing it in context, examining its key provisions, and considering how businesses looking to deploy AI solutions in the near future can adopt 'compliance by design' principles to ensure readiness for the new regulatory landscape.

Download the Handbook here.

Download the UK Handbook here.