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20 September 20221 minute read

Episode 1: Key legal risks of NFTs


Phillip Kelly partner in our Technology Disputes team is joined by leading lawyers to discuss the most exciting developments in tech and what the legal implications could indicate for you and your business. Stay ahead of the curve by joining us in exploring the trending topics of NFTs, smart legal contracts and specialist hardware in large scale IT projects.

In the first episode, Dan Jewell (a legal director in our Technology Disputes team) joins Phillip to discuss non-fungible tokens, or “NFTs.” NFTs have become an asset class that has rapidly captured popular imagination, with some NFT minters becoming millionaires virtually overnight, and others seeing NFTs they have purchased at a premium plunge in value. We discuss issues relating to the rights acquired when purchasing NFTs, the risk of fraud and how to guard against it, and the regulatory framework applicable to NFTs and how it might develop.

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