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25 October 20182 minute read

Finance and Markets Global Insight - Issue 15, 2018

New entrants to the traditional mortgage asset lender market and FinTech’s online lending platformsare looking to utilize warehouse and future flow arrangements to fund early stage origination andramp-up of asset portfolios. In Italy, new opportunities are arising in the CDO Market, providing Italiancompanies with access to a new financing channel. We look at some of the key features of these assetfunding structures.

At the other end of the spectrum, sovereign issuers are going "green" with Belgium joining the club ofsovereign green bond issuers and ICMA and LMA providing principles for green financing.

In the regulatory space, ESMA is closing the door on certain derivatives considered to be high-riskspeculative products being offered to retail investors. We also provide an overview of the new moneymarket funds regulations published by HM Treasury.

In Australia, the new ipso facto amendments are part of a wave of reform to insolvency laws. In Europethe UK has published a proposed framework on post-Brexit UK to EU partnership in financial services –a mutually agreeable solution to which all parties can agree may, however, still be some way off.

Markets are in constant flux and we hope our insights help to guide you through the ever-changingeddies and currents of global capital markets practice.

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