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23 March 20224 minute read

Two-stage wind auction

On behalf of the Consultancy Team, supporting the Ministry

DLA Piper would like to draw the attention of Prospective Bidders and other stakeholders to the update of the dedicated website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Albania (Ministry or MIE) on the two-stage auction for the selection of several utility-scale onshore wind power projects with a capacity between 10 MW to 75 MW each, with site-location identified by developers, which will benefit from support measures, (Wind Auction), in English here and Albanian here.

Considering several requests of Prospective Bidders, the Ministry has conducted a thorough review of the Bidding Documents, as a result of which several amendments and clarifications have been reflected into the first (1st) Stage - Request for Qualification (RFQ) document. In particular:

  • The deadline for the second (2nd) Stage - Request for Proposals (RFP) submission has been extended by an additional 3-months period, ie to May 2023.
    • The extension of the RFP submission deadline is to allow bidders more time to select sites, obtain preliminary permits and collect site data for the energy yield assessment and for the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), all of which are requirements at the RFP stage.
    • Key dates of the revised Auction Timeline are as follows:
      • Deadline for Submission of Qualification Applications at the RFQ (1st stage) – 13 June 2022
      • Announcement of Pre-Qualified Bidders – August 2022
      • RFP (2nd stage) documents publication – September 2022
      • RFP (2nd stage) Submission Deadline – May 2023
      • Announcement of Selected Bidders – June 2023
  • Appendix 7 of the RFQ has been further expanded to clarify requirements of the wind measurement campaign, qualified wind consultant, treatment of old wind data, and terms of the pre-feasibility study. 
  • Further clarifications have been added in the Specific Qualification Criteria in Appendix 4/1 of the RFQ in mark-up.

The Ministry may facilitate the process for obtaining permits/authorisations with the different competent authorities relevant to the Wind Auction. Prospective Bidders are invited to proactively communicate to the Ministry any issue encountered in this regard during bid preparation.

Furthermore, with a view to proactively clarifying requirements on site selection and wind measurements, the Ministry is inviting Prospective Bidders to submit preliminary information regarding the installation of met mast(s) or other equipment(s) on selected sites, on a voluntary basis, using the template published here. Upon submission of this information, the Ministry may provide targeted clarifications or feedback on the work in progress, as appropriate.  For the avoidance of any doubt, the Ministry, including its advisors or consultants, shall process data and information submitted under any such voluntary submission, lawfully and fairly, solely for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes set forth under the RFQ documents and Applicable Laws.

For ease of reference, below you may find links to relevant documentation:

  • Amended RFQ documents in English language version here and Albanian language version here.
  • Replies to requests for clarification submitted by Bidders here.
  • A high-level analysis of the Albanian territory commissioned by MIE to indicate areas potentially suitable for developing new wind projects and areas unsuitable / non-eligible for developing new wind projects defined as “constraints” or “no go areas” here and technical annex here.
  • Amended bidders` conference presentation reflecting the revised timeline as attached. In event of any conflict between the presentation and the amended RFQ, the amended RFQ document shall prevail.
  • Form for voluntary submission of information regarding installation of met mast(s) or other measurement equipment(s) on selected sites here.

For future updates, Prospective Bidders and other stakeholders are invited to consult the dedicated webpage on a regular basis.