19 October 20222 minute read

Puerto Rico employers take note: new law expands sexual harassment obligations

On September 28, 2022, Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia signed Act 82-2022 into law, expanding protections against sexual harassment in the workplace and imposing new obligations on employers.

Act 82-2022 provides for three significant amendments to Act 17-1988, which prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • First, Act 82-2022 expands the definition of the term “employees” pursuant to Act 17-1988 to include paid and unpaid interns.
  • Second, it requires all employers to adopt a Protocol for Managing Situations of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. A standard protocol will be published by the Puerto Rico Department of Labor and Human Relations; employers can choose to adopt this standard protocol or design their own. If an employer chooses to design their own protocol, it must meet a specific set of requirements. These requirements include:
    • designating personnel in charge of handling sexual harassment claims and their responsibilities
    • providing examples of prohibited conduct which constitute sexual harassment and
    • attaching a form for submission of complaints, among others.
  • Finally, the act provides for the creation of a government website where individuals will be able to find information regarding workplace sexual harassment laws in Puerto Rico and submit complaints regarding sexual harassment issues.

Act 82-2022 went into effect immediately after its approval. Accordingly, employers are encouraged to immediately review their sexual harassment protocols to ensure compliance.

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