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22 May 20221 minute read

SEAChange Issue IV: May 2022

Our latest edition of SEAChange covers various developments in the disputes and cybersecurity space, touching on Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

We also examine how corporates can tackle the challenges posed by “blocking statutes” to the conduct of internal and regulatory investigations in Asian markets.  This has become a hot issue given the trend of regulators and governments enforcing and enacting legislation to limit the sharing of evidence out of their respective jurisdictions.

This issue’s articles look at:

  • The increasing risk of climate litigation in Australia, and the need for businesses to carefully consider the climate change representations they are making.
  • A recent Singapore High Court decision, Westbridge Ventures, which clarifies the governing law applicable to subject matter arbitrability at the pre-award stage.
  • Dealing with blocking statutes when in internal or regulatory investigations in Asia.
  • Recently issued guidelines by the Thai government on the classification of cyber threats, and what this means for organizations of critical information infrastructure.