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Nearshoring into CEE – a new business strategy for international businesses

International Conference

25 September 2024, Warsaw

The recent geopolitical events that couldn’t have been predicted or foreseen – that’s why they are known as black swans – have driven companies worldwide to rethink their strategies for resilient production and efficient supply. The hottest trend is relocating operations back to Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on nearby suppliers and even self-sufficiency.

To keep CEE competitive, we must foster cooperation through friend-shoring among geographically close countries and symbiotic sectors, reducing supply chain lengths and ensuring stability. However, offshoring remains appealing due to lower operating and labour costs despite potential risks.

  • Is shortening the supply chain a temporary trend or a mature strategy to protect against more black swans?
  • In which areas is nearshoring already a standard? For which sectors will it become a necessity?
  • Nearshoring, friend-shoring or perhaps still offshoring?

Don’t miss out – join us and find out how to shape the future of your business strategy.


Why to attend?
  • Through the selection of panellists and invited guests, we will create a space to discuss the above issue and encourage the sharing of experiences and best practices that involve the entire CEE region and beyond.
  • The conference aims to bring together nearly 150 key business leaders and stakeholders from across Europe, with a particular focus on representatives from the manufacturing, industrial, ICT, real estate, and energy sectors.
  • Such a wide range of international participants will provide a platform for cross-industry discussion among sector leaders, as well as valuable networking.
  • We have planned 3 main panel discussions, preceded by an opening session and a speech by the Chief Economist of one of the leading banks in Poland.
  • The second part of the day will focus on networking and relationship building in a less formal atmosphere.

Participation in this event is free but registration via the following link is required:

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The number of places is limited. The event will be held in English.

Thematic framework

Opening speech – Chief Economist at one of the leading banks in Poland

Panel 1: Is nearshoring an effective way to deal with black swans? Lessons learned.

Nearshoring enhances operational flexibility and mitigates risks from unpredictable events such as pandemics and political crises. It boosts supply chain responsiveness and resilience but involves careful market analysis and upfront relocation costs.

  • Effectiveness of nearshoring: Which industries have benefited most from nearshoring given recent geopolitical developments?
  • Offshoring incentives: What incentives do CEE countries offer to attract nearshoring investment?

Panel 2: Relocation and the real estate market – strategies, investment and innovation

Nearshoring is stimulating the real estate market in the CEE region, increasing demand for modern office, warehouse, and industrial space. Sustainable construction and compliance with ESG standards are essential elements of new real estate projects.

  • The impact of nearshoring on demand for commercial and industrial property: Which sectors are most in need of new space?
  • Infrastructure investment to support nearshoring: What infrastructure projects are required to attract investors?

Panel 3: CEE as a modern technology hub – infrastructure, innovation, cyber security

The CEE region has great potential to become a key technology hub through investment in digital infrastructure and support for innovation. Cyber security and data protection are essential for building modern technology infrastructure.

  • Technology potential of CEE countries: What strengths does the region have in terms of technology?
  • Technical and digital infrastructure: Which investments are key to developing CEE as a modern technology hub?

Networking session


More information about the event can be found in the brochure below.

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