Small splash, large ripple

The fallout from the 2023 bank failures have created emerging trends and new risks that apply to the banking and financial services industry across the world.

Follow along with us as we discuss the business, regulatory, and litigation activities that have occurred in the aftermath of the collapses and predictions of what’s to come.

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Our latest webinar covers the ripple effects stemming from the banking failures earlier this year, including emerging risks and predictions of what’s to come in 2024. Our speakers Rich Hans, Isabelle Ord, Margo Tank, Whitney Cloud, and Nicolas Véron (Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics), shared their insight surrounding the business, regulatory, and litigation activities that their clients are facing in this fascinating discussion that all Financial Services companies need to hear.

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Regulatory Fall-Out: A discussion on the impact of the recent bank failures

In this episode, DLA Piper's Richard Hans is joined by former bank regulator and Chief Compliance Officer Michael Silva to discuss the regulatory and supervisory fallout from recent banking failures.

Listening time: 22:42

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Ripple Effect: Continuing global impact of US bank failures

In this episode, Isabelle Ord (US) , Mark Dwyer (UK) and Jose Sosa (LatAm) discuss the continuing global effects of recent bank failures.

Listening time: 25:50

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On-demand insights

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The State of the Venture Lending Market

Runtime: 12:36

Rich Hans, Jeffrey Lehrer and Matt Schwartz provide their unique perspectives as they discuss the state of the venture lending market and forecast what to expect next.

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White-Collar and D&O Implications

Runtime: 13:23

Whitney CloudEric Forni and Aidan McCormack offer insight surrounding emerging D&O and white-collar risks, and what the future may hold as the fallout continues.

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Global Regulatory Implications​

Runtime: 12:39

Margo TankTony Katz and Patrick Bryan discuss the global regulatory implications that Financial Services companies have been faced with since the 2023 bank collapses, and where they see things headed in the months to come.

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rippled light

Litigation Outlook and Trends​

Runtime: 10:42

Whitney Cloud, Jeremy Andrews, and Isabelle Ord take a look at the emerging litigation risks both in the United States and the United Kingdom and offer thoughts, predictions, and horizon scanning that all Financial Services companies need to hear.

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