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22 June 20222 minute read

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health: Implications for business of a post-Roe landscape

The US Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health is front and center in the national and political debate, and it raises a number of important questions for companies and entities that will be affected if the decision is issued as drafted. 

DLA Piper has assembled a multi-disciplinary team with employment, employee benefits, regulatory, compliance, constitutional litigation, and government affairs experience.  We understand the sensitivity of these issues for you, your workforce, and your customers and clients, and we are prepared to help you navigate the potential issues, including:

  • Tracking the rapidly changing state laws and emerging federal legislation regulating abortion and other reproductive services
  • Making employee benefits decisions including whether and how to provide health insurance, funding, or time off for health care that includes reproductive services and how to implement those decisions in a manner that complies with state and federal law
  • Evaluating the risk of state government enforcement against not only direct health care reproductive service providers and manufacturers in affected states, but also extraterritorially against out-of-state or national entities seeking to provide such services, and as well as involving employers that fund abortion and other reproductive services through group health plans
  • Readying compliance programs to implement and monitor company policy
  • Consideration of affirmative litigation to clarify the rights of entities related to reproductive services
  • Engaging with federal, state, and local governments on the response to the Dobbs decision
  • Communicating with your workforce members and with the public to address the impact of the Dobbs decision

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