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26 June 202428 minute read

European Energy Transition Summit 2024

Empowering change and advancing the energy transition

26 JUNE 2024, LONDON, UK

Join us on Wednesday, 26 June for our inaugural European Energy Transition Summit, hosted at DLA Piper's London office.

Our programme will include thematic panel discussions around opportunities for developing, investing and financing in the energy transition in Europe, accompanied by deep dives into key geographies. Panellists will include industry leaders from across Europe, AsiaPac, the Americas and beyond, who will gather to explore the opportunities and challenges affecting the market and the impact of emerging technologies on the energy transition over the next decade.

The day will conclude with a networking drinks reception where you can connect with industry experts and fellow attendees.

Register your interest to secure your place at this exclusive event and to receive more details on the programme as it is confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you there.


12:00 – 12:45 Registration & lunch
12:45 – 13:00 Welcome and introductions
Simon Levine, Global Co-CEO | International Managing Partner |Global and International Board Member, DLA Piper
Natasha Luther-Jones, Partner |International Head of Sustainability and ESG | Global Co-Chair, Energy and Natural Resources Sector, DLA Piper

13:00 – 13:40 Investing in the European energy transition 

This panel session explores investment prospects and hurdles in Europe's energy transition. Experts will dissect opportunities in renewables amidst regulatory shifts.

Stefano Fissolo, Senior Director, GLP
Ronan Kilduff, CEO, Elgin Energy
Isabel Rodriguez, Managing Director, Nuveen 
Giulio Maroncelli, Partner | Head of Corporate, Italy, DLA Piper

13:40 – 14:20 Powering the future: Financing the global energy transition 

Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring industry leaders at the forefront of the energy transition. Together, our panellists will explore innovative financing strategies driving the shift towards renewable energy and sustainable practices. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from senior players shaping the future of energy finance.

Jenny Blackford, Head of Project Finance, UK, Middle East, Africa, Head of Syndications, EMEA, Asia, Australia and Head of Siemens Bank GmbH, London Branch
Stephen Jennings, Head of Energy Structured Finance Office for EMEA |Head of Sustainable Business Division for EMEA, MUFG Bank
Heiko Ludwig, Global Head Structured Finance & General Manager London Branch, Nord LB
Natasha Luther-Jones, Partner | International Head of Sustainability and ESG |Global Co-Chair, Energy and Natural Resources Sector, DLA Piper

14:20 – 14:50 Coffee break 
14:50 – 15:25 Breakout session 1 

The challenges of developing and financing low carbon H2 projects

In this session we'll delve into the key development risks, funding hurdles, regulatory landscape, technological advancements and market challenges for sustainable hydrogen projects. Gain valuable insight into navigating the path to low carbon investment.

Martin Forman, Director, ISD New Energies & Natural Resources, EMEA, SMBC Bank International plc

Amy Hebert, CEO, Arcadia eFuels

Andreas Gunst, Partner, Vienna, DLA Piper

Iain Elder, Partner, London, DLA Piper

Energy landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe

Dive into the dynamic energy landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe with our teams from Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania. In this session, we provide an overview of the regulatory environments and policy frameworks influencing the energy sectors in these countries as well as lucrative prospects in this vibrant region. 

Paula Corban-Pelin, Partner, Bucharest, DLA Piper

Miroslav Dubovsky, Partner | Head of Corporate practice, Czech Republic, DLA Piper

Gabor Simon, Partner | Head of Energy and Procurement, Budapest, DLA Piper

James Carter, Partner, London, DLA Piper

Investment trends in Irish renewables

Ireland is at a pivotal point in its energy transition as it goes offshore at scale for the first time but also continues to develop onshore renewables at pace to meet its 2030 targets. William Marshall will give an overview of the Irish renewable electricity sector and the huge opportunity but also the significant challenges that exist within it. Seán McGrenaghan will then lead a panel discussion with industry leaders to take a deeper dive on these issues. 

Joanne Joyce, Central Operations, Schroders Greencoat

William Marshall, Partner, Dublin, DLA Piper

Sean McGrenaghan, Legal Director, Dublin, DLA Piper

 15:30 – 16:05 Breakout session 2

Smart grids: the key to unlocking Europe’s energy transition?

In this session we will explore how smart grids are deployed to meet the demands of the energy transition, the current state of the European smart grids market, and key challenges and opportunities for sector growth.

Ravichandra Kshirsagar,Commercial Vice President Micro Grid business, Europe & International Operations, Schneider Electric

Aditi Tulpule, Director Strategy Regulation & Compliance, SNRG

Sophie Linnell, Senior Associate, Leeds, DLA Piper

Griffin O'Rourke, Senior Associate, London

European investment into US energy transition: Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act

In this session, we will explore trends and strategies for foreign investments into the US energy transition by European corporate, fund and institutional investors, with a particular focus on the Inflation Reduction Act’s positive impact on opportunities in the space.

Raul Farias, Partner, San Diego, New York, DLA Piper

Jennifer Wnek, Partner, Philadelphia, DLA Piper

The Nordic energy transition: Investment opportunities

Join us as we navigate the evolving renewable energy sector in the Nordic region, unveiling promising avenues for investment amidst the shift towards sustainability.

Mathias Bimberg, Head of Infrastructure, Prime Capital AG

Anthony Doherty, Chief Investment Officer, NTR plc

Fred Lindblom, Partner | Co-Head Infrastructure, Construction and Transport Sector, Europe, DLA Piper

 16:10 – 16:45 Breakout session 3

The power of repowering - Revitalising wind energy

A brief look at the opportunities and challenges around ageing wind farms and repowering.

Gary Bills, Chief Operating Officer (Division Renewables), Ignitis Group

Anna Mills, Partner, London, DLA Piper

Sarah Thomas, Partner, London, DLA Piper

Mark Briggs, Legal Director, London, DLA Piper

Energy transition and investment Opportunities in Germany

The energy transition and the goal of transforming Germany into a climate-neutral industrialised country by 2045 are creating new dynamics that are making investments in renewable energies in Germany more attractive. Infrastructure projects are increasingly becoming the focus of institutional investors but also of industrial players.

Michael Cieslarczyk, Partner, Dusseldorf, DLA Piper

Manuel Indlekofer, Partner, Munich, DLA Piper

Snapshot on Poland and its booming RES market

Poland already has over 25 GW of installed RES capacity, but that figure is intended to be doubled in the coming future. PV is on a rise and new regulations are promoting onshore, offshore and BESS. During this session the speakers will outline the macroeconomic data concerning RES market in Poland and key elements of the support schemes / streams of revenues that can be secured.

Luis Eduardo De Franca, Director of Development, Northern Europe, Lightsource bp

Katarzyna Suchcicka, Country Manager, OX2 Poland

Jacek Gizinski, Co-Managing Partner, Warsaw, DLA Piper

Oskar Waluśkiewicz, Partner, Warsaw, DLA Piper

16:45 – 17:10 Coffee break
17:10 – 17:45 Breakout session 4 

Renewable roadmap: Navigating corporate PPAs

Join us for an insightful session on Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), a game-changing strategy for businesses in renewable energy procurement. Our panellists will delve into the benefits of Corporate PPAs, from cost savings and sustainability goals to enhancing corporate reputation. Explore the various types of corporate PPAs, key issues to consider in negotiations, and real-world examples of successful implementations across industries. 

Lee Donovan, Senior Legal Counsel at Statkraft

Maria Fahlén, Commercial Manager Green Investment, H&M Group

Lindsay MacLeod, Partner, Seattle, New York, DLA Piper

Italy's legislative and market outlook: Advancements in BESS and renewables

Join us for an exploration of Italy's legislative landscape, focusing on the latest developments and forthcoming opportunities in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and renewables. Gain valuable insights into how these advancements are shaping the future of energy projects in Italy and discover strategies to leverage emerging opportunities in the sector. Whether you're an investor, developer, or policymaker, this session offers crucial insights into navigating Italy's evolving energy market.

Vincenzo La Malfa, Partner, Rome, DLA Piper

Update on the energy transition in Asia

This session explores the potential of inbound and outbound energy transition investments. Europe’s energy transition has made strong progress and many Asian players look to the old continent as a benchmark on what to do – and what not to do. The experience and expertise of European energy players can be applied to support an effective and successful energy transition in Asia. Join us as we envision a sustainable future for energy transition across these key regions.

Soichiro Sekito, Head of Corporate & Structured Finance (EMEA), Development Bank of Japan (London)

Zsuzsanna Sessel-Zsebik, Director Legal, of RWE Offshore Wind

Peter Armstrong, Partner, Tokyo, DLA Piper

Vincent Seah, Partner |Co-Country Managing Partner, Singapore, DLA Piper

17:50 – 18:25 Breakout session 5 

Harnessing the potential of energy storage to accelerate the energy transition

Join us for a session exploring the buoyant global energy storage market. Reflecting on lessons from around the world from investors, developers and lenders, we'll delve into the trends, opportunities and hurdles facing the energy storage sector. Our panellist will provide valuable insights on investor and lender appetite, the utility and feasibility of mid to longer term storage options and emerging storage technologies – each of which are transforming energy management, smoothing the intermittency of conventional renewable energy generation, fostering sustainable practices and influencing the future of power distribution.

Jon Norman, President, Hydrostor Inc.

Olivia Satturley, Director - Specialist Asset Finance and Project Finance, NatWest

Chris Twomey, Partner |COO | Head of Asset Management, Sosteneo Infrastructure Partners

Rubayet Choudhury, Partner, London, DLA Piper

Chris Mitchell, Partner, Melbourne, DLA Piper

Fireside chat: Investing in Spain's energy transition

In this fireside chat, we explore the potential of the energy transition market in Spain from an investment perspective. Drawing from our guest's current projects, we’ll delve into practical examples and discuss the challenges and opportunities this approach presents. Join us as we envision a sustainable future for energy transition in Spain.

Bart White, Managing Director, EMEA Head of Energy Structured Finance at Santander Corporate & Investment Banking

Pablo Echenique, Partner, Madrid

How can we unlock the full potential of international RE certification?

Discover the central transformative role of renewable energy certification in validating sustainability claims and ensuring genuine progress in the global energy transition. Join us as we delve into recent cases and lessons of RECs based claims (e.g. Budweiser, Iceland) importance for companies, nations, and long-term investments, and developments on granular certification and labels for 24/7 and electrolyser PPAs.

Andreas Gunst, Partner, Vienna, DLA Piper

18:30 Closing remarks and networking drinks
20:30 Event close


Ronan Kilduff Elgin
Ronan Kilduff
Isabel Rodrigues de Rivera Ruiz copy
Isabel Rodriguez
Stefano Fissolo
Stefano Fissolo
Stephen Jennings
Stephen Jennings
Jenny Blackford
Jenny Blackford
Heiko Ludwig
Heiko Ludwig
Martin Forman
Martin Forman
Amy Hebert copy
Amy Hebert
Tara Deeny 
Tara Deeny
Joanne Joyce
Ravichandra Kshirsagar
Ravichandra Kshirsagar
Aditi Tulpule
Aditi Tulpule
Mathias Bimberg
Mathias Bimberg
Anthony Doherty
Gary Bills
Gary Bills
Katarzyna Suchcicka
Katarzyna Suchcicka
Luis Eduardo De Franca copy
Luis Eduardo De Franca
Zsuzsanna Sessel-Zsebik
Zsuzsanna Sessel-Zsebik
Soichiro Sekito
Lee Donovan
Lee Donovan
Maria Fahlen
Maria Fahlé
Jon Norman
Jon Norman
Olivia Satturly
Chris Twomey Sosteneo
Chris Twomey
Bart White
Bart White

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